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Shaker Heights Sculpture Tour

11 Locations / Curated by OOS Staff

Tour begins in the Larchmere District, then proceeds south along Van Aken to the Lee/Chagrin area, then north up Lee and finally out Shaker to Warrenville Center Road, at the Bertram Woods Branch Library.

Locations for Tour

The east wall of the bookstore building is covered with book spines, to appear like a shelf of books

Pieces that evoke the antiques stores characterizing the Larchmere district are embedded beside the curb at various places along the length of the district.

A set of four steel sculptures spaced along the median of Avalon Court.

A series of six heavily carved blocks of stone, lined up along the sidewalk on the north side of Chagrin Blvd.

Sculpture made from recycled materials reflecting the heritage of Shaker Heights, including copper tubing reclaimed from demolished homes.

"This column form structure suggests the standing human form. The stacked units are the beginning of a 'never ending' skyward bound column. Each facing side of the column represents a directional plane: north,…