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Lake County Sculpture Tour

19 Locations / Curated by OOS Staff

This tour begins in Madison, at the far eastern edge of Lake County, then proceeds westward, passing through Painesville, the county seat, then Willoughby and winding up in Wickliffe, near Cuyahoga County.

Locations for Tour

A grouping of eleven large abstractly carved rocks; bronze plaques are attached to seven of the eleven sculptures.

The Finnish Monument and overall site plan was designed by nationally known artist Gene Kangas. He is an emeritus university art professor and native of Fairport Harbor. The Finnish Monument and surrounding environment were…

Male clothed in animal hide seated on rock; he gazes into the distance.

Male figure seated on a rock clothed in animal skin; somewhat primitive facial features.

A 25 foot freedom monument with 15 foot stainless steel projections pointing skyward in a giant "V" with a lateral cor-ten steel crossing through both stainless projections situated on a five foot base faced with black…

Life size portrait of Edward Paine, an officer in the Continental Army, standing with proper right hand on hip and proper left hand at his side resting on his sword.

Two herons on a base of pickerel weed leaves. The piece was not installed or used as a fountain at the Arboretum. Great Blue Herons is the last of edition 10. The sculpture is made of bronze and stands 70 inches tall.

A park, approx. 1/2 acre, brick walkways and granite benches with commemorative plaques, flags, lawns,flowerbeds and shrubs. In the center a concrete arch topped by flying eagle out of bronze. Over life-size 8' wing span. The…

Heroic sized head open in the back to show an ascending ladder. The sculpture faces north and acts as a sundial by casting its shadow on a concrete base. Its surface is rough.