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Eastern Heights Sculpture Tour

26 Locations / Curated by OOS Staff

A tour of the heights east of Shaker Hts. and Cleveland Hts..

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Life size portrait figure of Lauree P. Gearity at age 34 with two children, a male child age 11 and a female child age 9. The boy is handing a book to Ms. Gearity.

Saint Ignatius kneels on his right knee extending his left hand to present his sword. His shield lies in front of his right knee. This is symbolic of Saint Ignatius giving up his life as a soldier to turn to a life devoted to…

Figure in shrine erected in memory of Robert J. Beaudry, by the Class of 1950, John Carroll University

Two figures, an angel and a man, in high relief are mounted so that they float about 1 foot from the wall of the building. The angel is above the man with wings outstretched. With his proper right hand he is passing a book to…

Six geometricized figures in profile, arranged in a circular group.

Abstract arrangement of two "blade" like figures with spherical heads holding a child aloft.

An oversized functioning Menorah created from three colors of granite and stainless steel. Each of the amber epoxy flames is removable and a small light can be inserted into the candle to be turned on - one each day of Hanukkah. …

Row of stainless steel tetrahedra, representing wedge shaped cuneiform, supported on a horizontal beam, which sits atop a 40' bridge, which rested on 3 earth mounds covered in myrtle, repeating the motif of the…

Kinetic interactive musical sculpture consisting of metal balls suspended on freely swinging rods which are attached to an arched framework.

Head of Moses: to the proper right is a clenched fist, and to the proper left a scroll.

A boy pushes a swing occupied by two other children, one standing, the other seated on the seat of the swing.

11 free-standing slabs are arranged in a circle and are topped by 11 other slabs set at perpendicular angles. Above these rests an assembly of half-circles, united around a central axis. Their position suggests a rising and…

Wings of steel mesh in the shape of quarter circles pivot around a central post.

Located at The Vue apartments, SE corner of Green and Chagrin

Elongated "tear" form with angled hole. Dark patina and texture in hole.

An abstract bird image in which the letter ""U"" forms the wings and the letter ""S"" forms the body.

Sculpture by William McVey, formerly located at his home, now on the corner of his street and SOM Center Road.

Bust of Andrew Squire, shown wearing jacket, vest, shirt, and tie. Four vest buttons showing. Squire shows a hint of a smile, a hint of some hair, and shows the heft of a man who was prominent in business around the turn of the…

The Gilmore Academy sculpture is a replica of the "Moses" that was installed in 1961 at the University of Notre Dame, IN, in a slightly smaller scale.